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If your tabletop GM is too strict, why not use

free to play online and on Steam. There are paid versions too, which involve smarter AI models that can retain more information at once—and use a hell of a lot of GPU power behind the scenes—but I've found the free version to be just as captivating.  The game now even includes an AI image generator […]Read More


What’s your favorite PC Gamer magazine cover?

PCG Q&A here. Some highlights: – What do we want from Fallout 5? – What's the greatest length you've gone to just to run a game? – How many save files do you keep per game? Our community manager, Stevie Ward, has been going through her collection of PC Gamer's print edition and asked what […]Read More


You knew the first recorded computer bug was a literal

Nvidia's next generation of professional graphics hardware, and the H[opper]100 Tensor Core GPU.  It's datacentre stuff, and won't mean a lot to PC gamers, but we owe a lot to Dr. Hopper herself. She was one of the first computer programmers, and helped develop COBOL, a language for data processors that pioneered the use of […]Read More


Chernobylite is Getting New Free Content Updates Today

Chernobylite is receiving free updates today: Ghost Town and Season 1 Blue Flames, accompanied by various bug fixes and improvements. Two paid DLCs with weapon and equipment skins are now available as well. Ghost Town introduces a new map, the infamous Pripyat residential area overtaken by chernobylite crystals. It’s now a ghost town in which […]Read More