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Evil Dead: The Game review

Official site The idea of an “Evil Dead videogame” has a distinctly mid-2000s tang. B-movie franchises have traditionally been fresh meat for enterprising publishers and developers looking to turn a quick buck, which is to say that I did not shamble towards Ash's latest adventure with high expectations. Evil Dead is a stone cold low-culture […]Read More


How the hero shooter took over competitive FPS design

Overwatch 2 is preparing for launch. But it's taking off in an entirely different landscape to its predecessor, one filled with games that took what the original Overwatch did and ran with it. We now live in a world where Battlefield, Quake and even Counter-Strike sport distinct characters, either replacing or supplementing previously nameless stock […]Read More


Overwatch 2 is Free for All Starting October 4

Summary Overwatch 2  launches October 4 as an always on, free-to-play experience New season will roll out every 9 weeks and feature either a new hero, mode, or map plus new themed cosmetics The Overwatch 2 Beta begins June 28 with sign-ups open now Purchase the Watchpoint Pack to get immediate access to the beta […]Read More


Overwatch 2 Preview – Overwatch 2 Free-To-Play Content-Release Methods And

We’ve been hearing about Overwatch 2 since 2019, but nearly three years later, the game still hasn’t been released. Through tumultuous development and terrible company-culture news out of Activision Blizzard, the Overwatch 2 development team has continued working on the game. As revealed on Sunday, the competitive multiplayer component will launch into early access on October […]Read More