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Some baller used a Raspberry Pi to play YouTube on

Thorbjörn Jemander has proven so, and the results are utterly stunning. This amazing modder used a Raspberry Pi Zero, with its built in Wi-Fi, to convert OpenCV images into “ready to use character screens that the Pet can display.” Essentially it ends up looking like some matrix dreamland simulacrum and its totally badass. And while […]Read More


Ray tracing in F1 22 is not worth the penalty

F1 22 does wonders of showing off the 2022 liveries. A part of that is down to the option for real-time ray tracing in-game, which is back and shinier than ever. Admittedly, a little too shiny for most gaming PCs. Ray tracing is a demanding rendering technique: Throwing millions of rays around a scene and […]Read More


Raft Juicer recipes list and where to find them

The Final Chapter update. As with any survival game, keeping yourself fed and watered is a top priority. While living on a raft gives you plenty of access to fish and water to purify, using the Juicer to create a smoothie will provide you with valuable buffs. There's plenty to explore in Raft. You'll discover […]Read More