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Anvil: Vault Breakers Season 2 is Here!

Summary     Draken, new Swordsman Breaker added     Cross-platform invite and reorganization of galaxies     Revamp to Season Challenge mode After three months of Season 1, Anvil: Vault Breakers Season 2 is finally here with a new Swordsman Breaker, updated Season Challenge mode, improved matchmaking system and more! Before we dive in deeper, we wanted to thank […]Read More


Bungie, Ubisoft, Bethesda, EA, and others speak out in support

overturn Roe v Wade today, officially bringing to an end 50 years of constitutionally-protected access to abortion. A handful of US states had legal triggers in place that banned abortion immediately, and more are expected to follow. The decision deals a devastating blow to fundamental human rights in the country: As Justices Breyer, Sotomayor, and […]Read More


The best UK Amazon Prime Day PC gaming deals are

Gaming laptop deals 2. Gaming PC deals 3. Graphics card deals 4. Monitor deals 5. TV deals 6. Storage deals 7. Component deals 8. Gaming chair deals 9. Peripherals deals 10. Networking deals This might just be the most worthwhile Amazon Prime Day in terms of PC gaming deals we've seen. Not because Jeff Bezos […]Read More


The best Diablo Immortal builds

monetization, people continue to play and experiment with the series' iconic classes and abilities to create all sorts of setups: whether it's taking some heads as the barbarian, or getting your skeletal servants to do it as the necromancer. In this Diablo Immortal builds guide, I'll run through a strong setup for each class. With […]Read More


The makers of Cloudpunk reveal Nivalis, a ‘slice of life

Cloudpunk, a cyberpunk exploration game set in a gorgeous voxel metropolis. Imagine Blade Runner, except instead of a cop tracking down runaway slaves, you're an Uber driver of the future. It's wonderful: The writing, as we noted in our 80% review, is uneven at times, but the city feels sprawling and alive. It's the kind […]Read More


The Alters Leverages The Power Alternate Selves

11 Bit Studios, the developer behind This War of Mine, Frostpunk, and Children of Morta, is making something new and a bit more surreal. The Alters is a sci-fi adventure where one man trying to survive and get home from a mission that’s gone wrong finds all the help he needs in himself. Or rather, himselves.   […]Read More


Oxenfree 2, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Cuphead, And More Highlighted

The Tribeca Games Spotlight made its debut last year, showing off narratively-lead games like Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Lost in Random, and one of our favorites from 2021, Sable. This year, the presentation continued and was brimming with games that look equally promising. The Spotlight showcased nine unique experiences, with much-anticipated titles like A Plague Tale: Requiem […]Read More


Best sniper rifles in Sniper Elite 5

Looking for the best sniper rifle in Sniper Elite 5? The choice of the best sniper rifle  is completely subjective as they are all solid options. Some of you will love to get those oh-so-satisfying headshots from hundreds of feet away, while others prefer to stick up close and personal. There's no one-size-fits-all answer here, […]Read More