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Game Pass can’t stay this good a deal forever

little reason to worry about a future where gaming is dominated by a Netflix-like service, but I do think Game Pass could eventually mirror some of the worst aspects of Netflix's recent history.  A price jump is (almost) inevitable Game Pass is still in its subscriber-building phase, with outright profit secondary to pulling in new […]Read More


Roblox CEO to pocket $234 million over next five years

SEC filing detailing its executive compensation plans for the coming years (thanks, Reuters). Roblox's success is hard to overstate—if it were a country, its daily users would make it more populous than Canada—and another recent filing revealed the company's sitting on just over $550 million in the bank. That's a lotta Robux: and it's got […]Read More


Here are all the legendary armaments in Elden Ring

best Elden Ring weapons. That will come down to your playstyle and which type of build you favour. It's also worth remembering that you can't use Ashes of War on these weapons. So with that in mind, here are all the Elden Ring legendary armaments, and where to find them.  Elden Ring legendary armaments locations  […]Read More