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YouTube needs to get serious about small streamers if it

this one help guide. It's convoluted and difficult compared to Twitch's alternative and, though Twitch suffered a long period of hate raids (and while they still occasionally happen), no one ever wanted raids to go away, signifying just how important they are to Twitch's culture. Hosting a raid from a channel you're not familiar with […]Read More


What does your streaming setup really need?

Streamlabs or OBS Studio. The former is really great for beginners as not only is it easy to understand and set up, but it also comes with a lot of graphics and alerts so you can get going straight away. The downside is that it got accused of plagiarism and 'unethical' business practices for originally […]Read More


The state of Twitch in 2022

Twitch leak at the end of 2021, revealing a huge amount of private payout information of the site's streamers as well as the site's source code. During the pandemic, Twitch grew even larger than it ever was before. More viewers, more streamers, more engagement. Now the world is opening up once again, that growth has […]Read More