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Roller Champions New Season: Disco Fever Out Now

Roller Champions’ new season: Disco Fever is here, ramping up the action with new arenas, game modes, and a new Roller Pass on Xbox One (and Xbox Series X|S via backward compatibility). The competition expands today to include to Brooklyn Court, a small streetside rink accessible to all players; Venice Beach Park is a larger […]Read More


Endless Dungeon is an unexpected roguelike sequel with a dash

Endless Dungeon is a deliberate sequel to an accidental success. In 2014, Amplitude Studios, the French developer known for its meditative 4X games like Endless Legend and Humankind, released a chaotic blend of roguelike and tower defence called Dungeon of the Endless. Conceived in “a drunken night that was going wrong,” it was developed as […]Read More


AMD’s next gen cards will come with higher power levels,

RTX 40 and RDNA 3 cards are set to push graphics card power consumption to even higher levels. While TDPs of 450W or more at the high end will get the pre-release attention, it's looking increasingly like mid-range and low-end cards won’t be immune either. Tom’s Hardware published an enlightening interview with Sam Naffziger, AMD’s […]Read More


The best milsim FPS just got its biggest update ever

Squad, the tactical FPS that's basically Battlefield with logistics, is slowly growing. Almost two years after leaving early access, the underrated military sim is still getting substantial updates. The latest is update 3.0 Amphibious Assault, which adds a new playable faction, weapons, amphibious vehicles, and a coastal map to drive them on. This is easily […]Read More


AMD suggests a Ryzen-like chiplet design for RDNA 3 GPUs

chiplet-based RDNA 3 graphics cards to be using a Ryzen-like design would be “a reasonable inference.” Given that he knows exactly what that RDNA 3 design is like, and isn't really allowed to give explicit details, this feels tantamount to a straight “Yes, they will.” But what does that actually mean? Even before AMD admitted […]Read More