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Roller Champions New Season: Disco Fever Out Now

Roller Champions’ new season: Disco Fever is here, ramping up the action with new arenas, game modes, and a new Roller Pass on Xbox One (and Xbox Series X|S via backward compatibility). The competition expands today to include to Brooklyn Court, a small streetside rink accessible to all players; Venice Beach Park is a larger […]Read More


Share of the Week: Sand

Last week, we asked you to dip your toe into the sands of desert dunes or sunny beaches using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s sandy highlights: DexM_ds shares Aloy taking a rest in the sand dunes of Horizon Forbidden West. _nvrheardofit shares Nate journeying across a desert in Uncharted 3. dhruv_239 shares Bayek looking […]Read More


The new game from Saber Interactive looks like Darkest Dungeon

Circus Electrique might be just the thing.  Circus Electrique features elements of story-driven RPG, tactical combat, and, yes, circus management sim. It follows the adventures of a cast of classic circus performers—strongmen, escape artists, clowns, and more—as they struggle to save the city from the ravages of the Maddening, a supernatural upheaval that turned thousands […]Read More


How the hero shooter took over competitive FPS design

Overwatch 2 is preparing for launch. But it's taking off in an entirely different landscape to its predecessor, one filled with games that took what the original Overwatch did and ran with it. We now live in a world where Battlefield, Quake and even Counter-Strike sport distinct characters, either replacing or supplementing previously nameless stock […]Read More


Share of the Week: Silhouettes

Last week we asked you to capture your favorite characters in silhouette using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s shadowy highlights: coalabr14 shares a silhouette of Jessie in Control. Nim_VGP shares Aloy entering a Cauldron in Horizon Forbidden West. Philt43_Yewone shares a silhouetted combat sequence from Sifu. LukeKasinger shares Ellie silhouetted against the snowy backdrop […]Read More