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Evil Dead: The Game review

Official site The idea of an “Evil Dead videogame” has a distinctly mid-2000s tang. B-movie franchises have traditionally been fresh meat for enterprising publishers and developers looking to turn a quick buck, which is to say that I did not shamble towards Ash's latest adventure with high expectations. Evil Dead is a stone cold low-culture […]Read More


God Of War: Ragnarok Reportedly Due Out In November

Amidst rumors galore regarding God of War: Ragnarok’s release date and whether it’s coming out this year or getting delayed to 2023, a new report says it’s targeting a release in November.  This news comes from Bloomberg, which reports that three people familiar with the development of Ragnarok say PlayStation plans to release it in […]Read More


Miyazaki’s favourite Elden Ring boss is Radahn

Elden Ring has been a wild success for FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco, and Xbox Japan recently spoke to Hidetaka Miyazaki. Miyazaki's one of those figures where you have to be careful about ascribing too much to him—these games are, after all, made by hundreds of people—while at the same time acknowledging that, as a […]Read More