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How to have the best Deus Ex-perience in 2022

immersive sim over 20 years after its debut. A sprawling spy-fi adventure that offers multiple solutions (intended or otherwise) to almost every problem, and a surprisingly reactive story despite each playthrough taking you through all the same locations. Its grungy cyberpunk world—deep with urban decay even as mega-corporations rule and security robots patrol the streets—feels […]Read More


Here’s 18 cracking minutes of Fallout: London gameplay

last year's announcement trailer, the mod team has released nearly 20 minutes of gameplay footage you can watch below. The gameplay trailer shows the very start of the game, beginning with a slideshow and voiceover (by a not-that-convincingly British narrator) and then moves on to the player waking up in a giant beaker surrounded by […]Read More


God Of War: Ragnarok Accessibility Features Detailed In New Blog

Santa Monica Studio lead UX designer Mila Pavlin has detailed God of War: Ragnarok’s accessibility features in a new PlayStation Blog post to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day.  The blog post highlights a selection of the upcoming games’ 60-plus accessibility options designed to suit players’ needs ranging from subtitle and caption improvements to text and […]Read More


The June Gaming Showcase Streaming Schedule

June is fast approaching, and while there won’t be an E3, we’ll still get plenty of announcements thanks to a variety of summer gaming showcases. Most of them come out of Summer Game Fest, Geoff Keighley’s annual onslaught of livestreams and world premieres, but there are a few unrelated streams taking place as well. To help […]Read More


Xbox and 88rising: Music, Games, and Shared Experiences

Music and gaming have always been synonymous with each other, and when perfectly paired, the combo of audio and visual storytelling can often lead us to emotional and unforgettable experiences. From start screen nostalgia to sweaty palmed boss battle crescendos and watery eyed goodbyes, there’s a never-ending list of moments that continue to resonate with […]Read More


Ubisoft’s Roller Champions Finally Launches Next Week

Ubisoft’s roller derby-inspired Roller Champions finally has a release date, and its inaugural season is only a week away. On May 25, the free-to-play multiplayer title goes live. The game’s 3v3 contests combine skating, racing, and a bit of rugby. Teams skate around a track carrying a ball to toss through a goal for points. You can also earn […]Read More


Dead by Daylight: Designing The Dredge

In Dead by Daylight’s new chapter Roots of Dread, the new Killer is The Dredge. A formless mass of twisted limbs writhing in the shadows, The Dredge is a manifestation of darkness itself. A uniquely frightening figure, it was imperative that The Dredge captured the spirit of a monster lurking beneath your bed. And while […]Read More