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Yoko Taro Is Possibly, Maybe Finished With Nier

Yoko Taro is known as the mastermind behind the Nier series (and its predecessor, Drakenguard) though he may be putting the former behind him for good. The eccentric game director with the bizarro mask has teased that he’s putting Nier behind him for good. In a holiday message recorded on December 22, Taro, along with […]Read More


Ark: Lost Island, Winter Wonderland 6, and More

If you ask most Ark survivors, this time of year is hard to beat. With the Turkey Trial and Winter Wonderland events tying closely together, our community always has something to look forward to during the holiday season. Our very recognizable helper, RaptorClaus, will be making a triumphant return to drop off holiday gifts filled with loot, […]Read More


The Legion of Doom Invades DC Universe Online

Get ready to face Lex Luthor and his infamous group of Super-Villains in DC Universe Online’s new free episode, Legion of Doom. Even more concerning, the Legion of Doom is aiding Perpetua in her masterful plan to erase or enslave worlds across the DC Multiverse. Heroes and villains alike need to band together, put their […]Read More