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Atari shocks the world with decent-looking game

a bit too blockchain-y and pie-in-the-sky at times (nevermind the nonsense over SouljaBoy claiming he owned the company), it has managed to develop several new versions of classic titles as well as release a new piece of Atari hardware. And now, it's doing a Segagaga. Atari Mania is essentially a huge collection of minigames, based […]Read More


The best UK Amazon Prime Day PC gaming deals are

Gaming laptop deals 2. Gaming PC deals 3. Graphics card deals 4. Monitor deals 5. TV deals 6. Storage deals 7. Component deals 8. Gaming chair deals 9. Peripherals deals 10. Networking deals This might just be the most worthwhile Amazon Prime Day in terms of PC gaming deals we've seen. Not because Jeff Bezos […]Read More


Newegg’s new gaming PC finder wants to make buying a

lives on Newegg's homepage, and it works like this: you enter your target resolution (1080p, 2K, 4K), select up to four games from a collection of popular picks, and then hit 'view results'. You'll then be shown three PC recommendations: starter, mainstream, and enthusiast. The starter PC is, you guessed it, a more entry-level machine. […]Read More