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Amazon’s New World MMO is reportedly killing $1,500 Nvidia GPUs

Amazon's New World MMO actually killing GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards. The closed beta just went live yesterday and already willing participants are finding that the much-delayed game is somehow bricking their seriously expensive hardware.Hardware that's mighty tough to replace right now, let's not forget.The reports have come through the New World subreddit (and crossposted […]Read More


Do you think the Steam Deck will be a success?

PCG Q&A here. Some highlights: – Do you have a favorite version of Windows? – Who did you romance in Mass Effect? – Have you ever injured yourself building a PC? Valve has announced its own handheld device, the Steam Deck, which is a very William Gibson thing to call it. Were you tempted to slap […]Read More


The Monster Hunter movie has marines in it because of

it might even be the best videogame movie ever made. Not a little of this is down to its faithfulness with most aspects of Capcom's long-running series, but the slightly Hollywood exception is that they stuck a load of marines in there.Director Paul W.S. Anderson recently spoke to IGN about elements of the film, observing […]Read More