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Nethack is now in the Museum of Modern Art

Nethack is one of the great (and ongoing) gaming projects. It first appeared in 1987 as a fork of a 1982 title, Hack, created by Mike Stephenson, Izchak Miller and Janet Walz. The game operated on an open source principle, where anyone was free to create their own version, but only the members of the […]Read More


Flows Names Rhea Craib as Head of Marketing

Flows, an innovation platform that ingests data from any source or integration, reinforced its team with yet another former Gaming Innovation Group employee. The one joining Flows this time is the experienced marketing specialist Rhea Craib. Flows Hired a New Head of Marketing Craib will be joining Flows as the company’s new head of marketing. […] Read More


Las Vegas Has a Dice Pip Problem and Nobody’s Talking

<p>Dice are a cornerstone of casino culture. The earliest dice were made of animal bone (which is why we say “roll the bones”) and were used by fortune tellers to predict the future. The venerable history of dice might lead one to think they’d be treated with the respect they deserve, but nay, that is not […]</p> <p>The post Las Vegas Has a Dice Pip Problem and Nobody’s Talking About It appeared first on Vital Vegas.</p> Read More


The Xbox Mentoring Program Kicks Off: Register Now

Xbox is thrilled to announce the official start of the Xbox Mentoring Program aimed at partnering women in gaming careers across Xbox’s diverse range of studios and products with aspiring talent. First introduced on International Women’s Day, the Xbox Mentoring Program gives you the chance to access valuable 1:1 coaching sessions with key leaders in […]Read More


Developer cancels crowdfunded MMO and disappears amid fraud allegations

YouTuber close to the project alleging that the lead developer misappropriated investor funds to gamble on cryptocurrency and even purchase a Tesla for his personal use. TitanReach was a “Runescape-like” MMO that ultimately failed to meet its initial Kickstarter goal of $430,000. Undeterred, the developers, Square Root Studios, adopted a “month-to-month” crowdfunding model, and saw […]Read More


A blockchain hustler and a cringey rapper have been charged

court documents cited by the DOJ, which were transferred to a digital wallet controlled by Lichtenstein. Since the initial hack, roughly 25,000 bitcoin have been transferred out of that wallet and laundered through a complex series of transactions, with the resulting funds deposited into conventional accounts owned by Lichtenstein and Morgan. The scheme went off […]Read More


AMD engineer confirms RDNA3 multi node GPU designs

@blueisviolet spotted a Linkedin entry from a ‘Principal member of Technical Staff’. It shows that several next generation AMD RDNA3 GPUs are very likely to feature MCM technology. this why on some my previous twiti said rdna3 will probably start with 5nmamd pssst linkedin pic.twitter.com/ZfdfrvgwTOFebruary 4, 2022 See more The engineer, who is working on […]Read More


Current and former Blizzard employees are hyped about its new

Blizzard&apos;s upcoming survival game is set in a new universe, but otherwise the studio isn&apos;t saying much about the game, which it&apos;s still referring to as “unannounced.” However, both current and former Blizzard employees have expressed their feelings about the survival game and its development team on social media. They&apos;re prevented from spilling any secrets […]Read More


Perfect password primer: upgrade your security

published mid-2017 in its “Data breaches, phishing, or malware? Understanding the risks of stolen credentials” paper. Some sweet nuggets from that little cache include the fact that the researchers swept over 1.9 billion non-unique account usernames and password credentials. These were taken from a variety of leak sources, but mostly blackhat security forums. An insane […]Read More