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Trek to Yomi’s demo captures the style but not the

Star Wars: Visions anime episode “The Duel”—tells tales of class wars, politics, and the abuse of power; of grinding poverty and the fleeting and fragile nature of existence. Trek to Yomi gazed upon those wonders of storytelling and said: “Cool swords, bro.“ There's nothing wrong with Cool Swords: I hope Dynasty Warriors' superheroic historical figures […]Read More


Celebrating 50 years of the hardware that makes our PC’s

Black Friday 2021 deals: the place to go for the all the best early Black Friday bargains. Just as important, it was the first consumer PC card to offer a single-chip graphics solution capable of transform, lighting, triangle setup and clipping and rasterising.It was the hardware transform and lighting support that really set the GeForce […]Read More