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PC Gamer roasts 15 of the most beloved games

Top 100 PC games list, some over and over again. We've written about what makes them groundbreaking and delightful more times than any of us can remember. So it's about time we let them have it. The things you know and love the most are by far the easiest things to tear down, and the […]Read More


Path of Exile’s next quarterly expansion offers an early taste

Path of Exile is its enormous, incredibly customizable endgame, the Atlas of Worlds. Taking every piece of the main game, past seasonal expansions, and more, throwing them into a blender and serving it up like some kind of never-ending Content Smoothie. The only problem is you've got to complete PoE's surprisingly extensive story campaign first, […]Read More


These Minecraft ancient city redesigns are gloriously green

Minecraft 1.19's huge new ancient cities. You know, just a bit of light building between other projects. The massive ruined structures found deep underground are spooky by default: ruined pillars dotting the darkness, covered in sculk blocks and shriekers ready to summon a warden if you don't tip-toe through their territory.  Maybe the wardens are […]Read More


Metal Terror Shakes the World of The Riftbreaker

Hello, Xbox fans! I am very happy to tell you that The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror is now available on Xbox Series X | S and Windows PCs! Metal Terror is the biggest update for The Riftbreaker thus far, greatly expanding on the original game. With new monsters to slay, new buildings to enhance your bases […]Read More


In celebration of Olympus, the pinnacle of battle royale maps

Facing Worlds? Halo's Blood Gulch? Counter Strike's Dust2? Iconic maps to a piece, definitional of their respective games' sensibilities, layouts seared into the minds of any self-respecting shooter aficionado. But they're maps from an older era and, save exceptions like Overwatch and Halo Infinite, today's shooters measure their arenas in kilometres, not square footage. Entire […]Read More


Noclipping is no joke: the strange world of The Backrooms

Hungzai) or Creepypasta.com, then the Backrooms phenomenon is likely to be right up your alley. It's something I came across when browsing the Liminal Space subreddit, which sees users posting images of eerily nostalgic, abandoned spaces. Scrolling through took me right back to my teen years of trawling for ghost stories and urban legends on […]Read More