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Nethack is now in the Museum of Modern Art

Nethack is one of the great (and ongoing) gaming projects. It first appeared in 1987 as a fork of a 1982 title, Hack, created by Mike Stephenson, Izchak Miller and Janet Walz. The game operated on an open source principle, where anyone was free to create their own version, but only the members of the […]Read More


Overwatch 2 is Free for All Starting October 4

Summary Overwatch 2  launches October 4 as an always on, free-to-play experience New season will roll out every 9 weeks and feature either a new hero, mode, or map plus new themed cosmetics The Overwatch 2 Beta begins June 28 with sign-ups open now Purchase the Watchpoint Pack to get immediate access to the beta […]Read More


God Of War: Ragnarok Reportedly Due Out In November

Amidst rumors galore regarding God of War: Ragnarok’s release date and whether it’s coming out this year or getting delayed to 2023, a new report says it’s targeting a release in November.  This news comes from Bloomberg, which reports that three people familiar with the development of Ragnarok say PlayStation plans to release it in […]Read More


Every game at not-E3 2022

PC Gaming Show (hey, that's us) are on Sunday. And there's more: Here's the full 2022 not-E3 schedule. In this article, we'll be collecting all the big games that show up during this announcement and reveal heavy period, updating it frequently over this week and next. As we wait for the shows to happen, we've […]Read More


Sega Reveals Mega Drive Mini 2, And Here Are The

Sega has revealed its next miniature console, the Mega Drive Mini 2.  This news comes by way of Video Games Chronicle, which reports that it will include 50 games from both the Mega Drive and Mega Drive CD, including ports of arcade games and games Sega calls “mysterious new work.” Sega revealed this mini console […]Read More


Diablo Immortal isn’t quite pay-to-win, but it’s close

Diablo Immortal for more than a few hours, you'll probably have to pay. NetEase and Blizzard's mobile-first and now PC-ported Diablo game is built to obfuscate how real money transactions can influence your character's strength, but the most dedicated players are probably going to discover its significance soon. It's still too early to say how […]Read More


PS5 shortages to ease up and sales to overtake PS4

financial presentation, (spotted by Eurogamer), the company acknowledged the issues with supply when it comes to PS5 sales. The presentation included a slide showing the comparative sales for PS4 and PS5 consoles. While the PS5 outsold the older PS4 in its first year, it fell behind the year after due to supply constraints. Sony also […]Read More