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Sony Inzone M9 gaming monitor review

favorite 4K gaming monitors can't do.  PlayStation 5 owners can take advantage of a couple of features that are exclusive to the M9. First is the Auto HDR Tone Mapping. Basically, the console will automatically optimize HDR settings as soon as the PS5 is plugged in. Next, the monitor will automatically adjust the picture modes […]Read More


Cover Reveal – Sonic Frontiers

Over the last 31 years, the Sonic the Hedgehog fan base has dashed through several distinct eras. The Classic Era let fans platform through brilliantly designed 2D stages, while the Modern Era gave us the Adventure games and Boost games, and that’s not even counting the Sonic Boom titles. Now, with the movies setting box […]Read More


Thousands of PC parts go up for auction from the

filed for bankruptcy in April of this year, following a controversial raffle live stream by company owner and CEO, Noah Katz. This may have played a part in the company's sudden shuttering, though ex-employees, speaking to PC Gamer under the condition of anonymity, suggested that Katz inexperience as a CEO may have led to its […]Read More