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The Last Worker’s Fight for Humanity

My name is Jörg Tittel, writer and director on The Last Worker. Together with Ryan Bousfield and his wonderful team of developers at Wolf & Wood, and publisher Wired Productions, I’m delighted to show Xbox players the first glimpse of gameplay from our narrative adventure coming later this year. In our brand-new trailer, CEO Josef […]Read More


Strange Horticulture review

Official site Strange Horticulture is the best detective game I've played in years, and it's mostly about staring at plants. As the new owner of a small shop in a quaint Victorian town, I've only got three things: a small collection of unusual and unidentified plants, an aging botany book with a handful of entries, […]Read More


Guild Wars 2 is betting on bite-sized raid encounters with

Perhaps more than ever, the pressure is on for ArenaNet to deliver with Guild Wars 2's next expansion, End of Dragons, due out next month. The ending of the game's last “Living World” season of story updates was maligned by the community for feeling too rushed—hurrying and sometimes discarding story beats that had been built […]Read More


How to overclock your graphics card

The best graphics cards still struggle at higher resolutions like 4K and 1440p on monitors pushing refresh rates past 60Hz. There's no real downside to giving it a shot and seeing what your card can do. Take a few hours and set your GPU up to max out its performance and don't look back. Clean […]Read More


Rainbow Six Extraction review

Official site Rainbow Six Extraction was announced in a world we no longer live in: the world of 2019. Back then, the co-op Siege spinoff FPS was called “Rainbow Six Quarantine” (ha!). It was an unlucky time to be making a game about a parasitic virus, but a great time to bring back the dormant […]Read More