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The top 100 PC games The PC Gamer Top 100

most important—PC games of all time, but rather the best ones to play right now. It's a reflection of all the brilliant experiences the industry has to offer in 2021. Yes, that includes some retro classics that hold up nicely, but it also means celebrating the impact of bold new releases. We also prefer to […]Read More


Spelunky 2 speedrunners are now reaching its true ending in

ESA Break the Record: Live online event is a competition that challenges speedrunners from various communities to face off for the best times in specific categories. From January 15 to 18 it focused on Spelunky 2, hosting 'All Shortcuts + Tiamat', and 'Cosmic Ocean' runs. The three-day invitational welcomed popular streamers including d_tea, TwiggleSoft, HectiqueX, […]Read More


This Spelunky 2 mod makes the game meaner, messier, and

Spelunky 2 remix mod from creator fingerspit turns the already rather brutal roguelike into a moodier, meaner, and at times crazier experience. While this is still familiar in the hands, recoloured assets give the levels a more sombre tinge, traps are everywhere, and yes: there are tonnes of sodding moles. Spoiler alert: we'll be discussing […]Read More