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Acer G550 Nitro gaming projector

£421 The G550 Nitro runs pretty warm. Thankfully it doesn't blast out hot air from the back end right into your eyes, and there's actually a warning light to let you know if the lamp temperature is getting too much—all through my hours of testing the light didn't blink once. Sadly, though, the lamp life […]Read More


PlayStation VR2 Will Launch With Over 20 Games Available

We still don’t know when PlayStation VR2 will hit stores, but when it does, it will have over 20 games available on day one, according to Sony.  Video Games Chronicle reports that Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan told investors during a briefing call that, “Right now, there is a considerable amount of money being […]Read More


Warhammer Skulls Festival Returns June 1

Announcing Warhammer Skulls, the annual festival of all things Warhammer video gaming, is returning Wednesday, June 1 and running for 7 days! To kick off the launch, there will be a special Xbox specific Warhammer Skulls Showcase live streamed to Xbox’s Twitch and YouTube channels on Wednesday, June 1 at 10 a.m. PDT / -6 […]Read More


How to have the best Deus Ex-perience in 2022

immersive sim over 20 years after its debut. A sprawling spy-fi adventure that offers multiple solutions (intended or otherwise) to almost every problem, and a surprisingly reactive story despite each playthrough taking you through all the same locations. Its grungy cyberpunk world—deep with urban decay even as mega-corporations rule and security robots patrol the streets—feels […]Read More