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Weekend Warrior – Season Finales

This week marks the end of the first season of Halo’s television adaptation, and while it was a rocky season, at least you can enjoy listening to the GI editors talk the ups and downs. The finale of the special GI Show review series is now available to watch or listen to here. With the […]Read More


Xbox, Dolmen, Multiplayer, and You

In the days leading up to Dolmen‘s release today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, we had the opportunity to talk in more detail with the community about the choices we made on this project. One of the most interesting and controversial points, given the number of opinions we found, was the decision to […]Read More


Everything we know about Genshin Impact 2.7

Genshin Impact Lost Valley: Unlock the new domain Genshin Impact banner: New characters Genshin Impact Ayaka: Frostflake Heron Genshin Impact Ayato build: Ayaka's big bro Genshin Impact Venti build: Drunken bard Looking for details about Genshin Impact 2.7? After the version's initial delay, things are finally back on track with an update arriving a little […]Read More


How we test PC gaming hardware

how well they fit a dog… but Hope's more bespoke tests aside, we have similar test methodologies. We will always use the same key songs we know well so we can hear the different tonal quality of different headsets.  We also have a script for mic testing, too, which allows us to really hear how […]Read More


The June Gaming Showcase Streaming Schedule

June is fast approaching, and while there won’t be an E3, we’ll still get plenty of announcements thanks to a variety of summer gaming showcases. Most of them come out of Summer Game Fest, Geoff Keighley’s annual onslaught of livestreams and world premieres, but there are a few unrelated streams taking place as well. To help […]Read More


Ubisoft’s Roller Champions Finally Launches Next Week

Ubisoft’s roller derby-inspired Roller Champions finally has a release date, and its inaugural season is only a week away. On May 25, the free-to-play multiplayer title goes live. The game’s 3v3 contests combine skating, racing, and a bit of rugby. Teams skate around a track carrying a ball to toss through a goal for points. You can also earn […]Read More


Why does it feel so good to toss things around

Throw Anything.  But what is it that drives this destructive urge? Why do we get so much satisfaction from yeeting stuff in games? Throwing things around is one of life's greatest simple pleasures. A game of catch, javelin or shotput is good for you, after all. Throwing can be a great workout, it trains reflexes, […]Read More