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Share of the Week: Sand

Last week, we asked you to dip your toe into the sands of desert dunes or sunny beaches using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s sandy highlights: DexM_ds shares Aloy taking a rest in the sand dunes of Horizon Forbidden West. _nvrheardofit shares Nate journeying across a desert in Uncharted 3. dhruv_239 shares Bayek looking […]Read More


Blade Runner Enhanced Edition is a disaster, not a remaster

Nightdive didn't have access to the source code, which delayed the remaster while the team reverse-engineered the original. This massively limited what Nightdive could do, but not doing anything would have been better than what we've ended up with. Artistic intent has been completely overlooked, which does a huge amount of damage and undermines every […]Read More


Blade Runner Enhanced Edition is Available Now

Our team at Nightdive Studios is proud to announce the release of Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition for PC and Consoles. Fans who have followed the project know how challenging it was to bring back this classic game; the project became a labor of love for our team. Now the 1997 video game returns, just in […]Read More


How to find Golden Keycards to access Mercenary Vaults in

You'll need to find Warzone Golden Keycards to open the Mercenary Vaults around Caldera, but they can be pretty tricky to locate. Warzone Pacific Season 4 arrived on June 22 and has introduced new weapons, Operators, and most notably, the new map, Fortune's Keep. But Caldera hasn't been neglected and received some updates, too, including […]Read More