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Here are the New World servers New World server list

New World launches.If you jumped into the last New World beta weekend, then you should already have a pretty good idea of what to expect in the much-anticipated MMO. But if you're planning on playing with friends, you'll want to organise ahead of time to make sure you're playing on the same server. This New […]Read More


Hot Wheels Unleashed Delivers Pure Racing Fun

Summary Collect the best vehicles in the Hot Wheels universe, build spectacular tracks, and dive into breathtaking races. Race side by side with your friends in split-screen mode for 2 players or face up to 12 opponents in online challenges. Hot Wheels Unleashed launches September 30 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and is […]Read More


Medieval Dynasty review Walking the donkey

Official site  Having put the finishing touches on the fourth building in my little village-to-be, I realise I need to go out hunting to get more food for the few denizens that dwell within it. It's my job to look after them, after all, and that means building shelter and services, but also going out […]Read More


Genshin Impact Moonlight Seeker: How to get 100% Genshin Impact

here—for their specific locations.While you can just grab the Moonchase Charms, be careful around the Mystmoon Chests as they'll occasionally spawn enemies when you get near, and you'll need to defeat these to claim the goodies inside. Moonlight Seeker rewards: How to get the Luxurious Sea-Lord weapon  As well as Mora, Primogems, and other goodies, […]Read More


MSI lets slip Intel’s Alder Lake will be on sale

Alder Lake is shaping up to be one of the most interesting releases in recent memory. And the leaked benchmarks of the Core i9 12900K  have it bringing the fight to AMD in a way that few could have hoped for. Still, we need to have Intel's 12th-gen desktop chips in our hands before we're […]Read More


The true Nvidia RTX legacy isn’t ray tracing, it’s DLSS

Arc-based Alchemist GPUs.And yet, three years on Microsoft is still insisting that 'raytracing' is one word. Gah.But the fact remains that, as much as the latest Nvidia RTX 30-series cards have alleviated a lot of the silicon burden of ray tracing, it's still computationally demanding, and you will see a performance penalty for turning on […]Read More