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Great moments in PC gaming: Grabbing that first Draft win

Great moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories. Magic: The Gathering Arena (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast) Developer: Wizards Digital Games Studio Year: 2019 Magic: The Gathering can be a harsh game to master. I've been playing for longer than some of you have been alive, and […]Read More


YouTube needs to get serious about small streamers if it

this one help guide. It's convoluted and difficult compared to Twitch's alternative and, though Twitch suffered a long period of hate raids (and while they still occasionally happen), no one ever wanted raids to go away, signifying just how important they are to Twitch's culture. Hosting a raid from a channel you're not familiar with […]Read More


Were the Middle Ages really as sick and incestuous as

Going Medieval.  “[Crusader Kings 3] looks at a bunch of rarefied people, and fundamentally, a lot of them end up banging their cousins.” says Janega, who graciously took time out of a party she was attending to answer my stupid questions. “The thing I always bring up is Eleanor Aquitaine. Her first husband was King […]Read More


Sony Unveils PlayStation Stars, A New Loyalty Program Aimed At

Sony is rolling out its first-ever PlayStation-focused loyalty program called PlayStation Stars. In a blog post by Grace Chen, vice president of network advertising, loyalty & licensed merchandise, she explains that PlayStation Stars is a free program that rewards points by completing “campaigns” and challenges while playing games.  According to Chen, earning points may require you […]Read More


Game, Set, Match: How to Play Like a Real Tennis

Are you excited to watch the 2022 tennis championships in England? Do you wish you could experience what it would be like to compete in a professional tennis championship? Now you can from the comfort of your own home or on the go with Matchpoint – Tennis Championships, available to play today for Xbox One, […]Read More


With Street Fighter 6, Capcom is finally ahead of the

Summer Game Fest—veterans Ryu and Chun Li and newcomers Luke and Jamie—and had a blast with each, despite only kind of knowing what I was doing.  I played with the classic 6-button control setup for light/medium/heavy punches and kicks on an arcade stick, though Street Fighter 6 is also introducing a new “modern” control option […]Read More