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What should boomer shooters be called?

PCG Q&A here. Some highlights: – What do we want from Fallout 5? – What's your favorite PC Gamer magazine cover? – How many save files do you keep per game? Humble Bundle had a Boomer Shooter Bundle, and games like Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun proudly wear the label by choice. Maybe it's time to give in and accept […]Read More


Path of Exile’s next quarterly expansion offers an early taste

Path of Exile is its enormous, incredibly customizable endgame, the Atlas of Worlds. Taking every piece of the main game, past seasonal expansions, and more, throwing them into a blender and serving it up like some kind of never-ending Content Smoothie. The only problem is you've got to complete PoE's surprisingly extensive story campaign first, […]Read More


How Guerrilla created Vegas in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West sees Aloy traverse dangerous and harsh environments in search of Gaia’s sub-functions, with hopes of restoring the planet’s terraforming system, rebalancing the biosphere and saving life on Earth. Though our story is set 1,000 years into the future, players will uncover and recognize many iconic locations from our real world today. DISCLAIMER: […]Read More


Destiny 2 season 18: Release date, Arc 3.0, and the

Bungie Twitch channel, though we don't know the exact time yet. Either way, expect week-by-week story missions, a seasonal activity, more new and returning weapons to loot, and Arc 3.0 Destiny 2 Arc 3.0: What to expect (Image credit: Bungie) Season 18 will revamp Destiny 2's Arc subclass, the same as with Solar 3.0 and […]Read More


YouTube needs to get serious about small streamers if it

this one help guide. It's convoluted and difficult compared to Twitch's alternative and, though Twitch suffered a long period of hate raids (and while they still occasionally happen), no one ever wanted raids to go away, signifying just how important they are to Twitch's culture. Hosting a raid from a channel you're not familiar with […]Read More