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The best games on Steam

Steam, and so any list of the best ones is, in a way, just a list of good PC games in general. However, we think there are two good reasons to list our favorite Steam games to play right now. Best of the best (Image credit: Paradox) 2022 games: This year's launches Best PC games: […]Read More


Dr. Lisa Su is teasing AMD Zen 4 CPU details

Dr. Su herself has been tweeting big images of the upcoming processor, I'd say that's nailed on right now. In its Computex press release Gigabyte is promising to exhibit “AMD Socket AM5 motherboards with advanced design and extensive features of PCIe 5.0 graphics slot and M.2 Gen5 interface.”  And oh yeah, that socket will have […]Read More


Songs of Conquest is a great tactics game that stole

Songs of Conquest is a treat. From familiar foundations, where you control powerful individuals known as Wielders, marching across a colourful map with your army in tow and duking it out in turn-based battles, it grows into something just new enough to feel like progress without sacrificing some of that delicious nostalgia.  I'm having a […]Read More


Xbox Series S is Simply Next-Gen

Speed, performance, community, fan favorite games — Xbox Series S delivers all these benefits in the smallest Xbox ever. It offers everything gamers need for a next-gen gaming experience and nothing they don’t. Simple? Yeah. Subtle? Nah. Last year, we celebrated just how simple it is to get into gaming through our video series with […]Read More


Trophies Are Coming To Classic PlayStation Games

Trophy hunters, be on alert! According to Bend Studio, PlayStation’s trophies are coming to select classic games included with the new PlayStation Plus subscription tiers. Incoming From Bend Studio: Agency intel reports that Syphon Filter will include Trophies when it arrives on the all-new PlayStation Plus. pic.twitter.com/YVdMixZxBR — Bend Studio is Hiring! (@BendStudio) May 19, 2022 Bend […]Read More


Marvel Snap, A New Collectible Card Game For PC And

Yesterday, Marvel teased that it would be announcing a new video game today, and it has done just that with Marvel Snap, a new free-to-play collectible card game for PC and mobile devices developed by Nuverse and Second Dinner.  Marvel calls it a “revolutionary game experience that unleashes the entire Marvel multiverse into a fast-paced, […]Read More


I put bathtub Geralt on my PSU because PC gaming

tub Geralt on a tiny screen on my PSU is perhaps the best way imaginable of proving my point. I'm using Gigabyte's Aorus P1200W power supply and you may have already noticed its party trick: Besides being an 80+ Platinum rated GPU able to deliver enough power to keep the lights on in a small […]Read More


Home worker gets verbal warning for gaming on break despite

Recyyklops posted on r/antiwork after they received the warning for simply spending one of their lunch breaks winding down, playing some video games… because why not? Usually there aren't official rules for what you can and can't do on your break, although reading through some of the comments, I may have just been really lucky […]Read More