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Gaming RDY SLHBG216 review

the best gaming PC, waiting for prices and inventory to stabilize so that they can make a big purchase without worry or guilt. The iBuyPower Gaming RDY SLHB216 (rolls right off the tongue) comes into this hotly contested category of modest gaming PCs with a build that's impressive, but isn't without its caveats for the […]Read More


AMD invests in a new CPU R&D facility in New

list of open positions on AMD’s website (via Tom's Hardware and @mikeev) shows that the company is looking for some serious talent. There are 25 open engineering positions, and most of them are based in Poughkeepsie. The positions include CPU core, performance and verification engineers. These aren’t the kinds of skills that you learn in […]Read More


What to Expect in the First Stranger of Paradise Final

Gather your courage in the Trials of the Dragon King expansion to vanquish the endless hordes of chaos. Check out what’s coming. Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin led players on an adventure to discover the dark beginnings of Final Fantasy’s first villain and to live through the darker side of the series. Jack Garland’s […]Read More


Discord Support Finally Comes to Xbox

I’ve struggled to enjoy the communication features in most crossplay-enabled multiplayer games on Xbox. That’s because privacy is a luxury I know all too well. Party chats offer a comfy place to speak with friends, away from the chaos in public game chats. However, talking to friends on other platforms can be a frustrating process. […]Read More