Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Brutal Swarm Brings a New Operator with Robot Bees

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Brutal Swarm is live now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S — and as the title suggests, it’s all about the robot bees.

Specifically those deployed from the Kawan Hive Launcher wielded by the new Operator, an Attacker from Singapore named Grim. Once launched, Grim’s bees swarm in place, and if any Defenders are caught in the swarm, the bees will cling to them and reveal their movements to the Attackers. Get immediate access to Grim as part of Operation Brutal Swarm’s premium Battle Pass track, or unlock him in two weeks with Renown or R6 Credits. And he’s just the beginning of what Year 7 Season 3 brings to the table.

Grim is a 3-speed Attacker who comes with a 552 Commando assault rifle or an SG-CQB shotgun as his primary weapon, a P229 pistol as his secondary, and can carry a claymore or breach charges as his generic gadget. The Kawan Hive Launcher is, of course, his main focus, and it can give the Attackers a huge advantage by actively tracking any unwary Defenders who are caught in its swarms of robot bees, and continuing to ping them a few times even after they leave the area.

Starting today, all players can check out Stadium, which joins the map pool after first debuting during the 2021 Road to SI event. Featuring unbreakable glass walls in certain places that let you ping and distract (but not attack) opponents, as well as color-coded areas to make communication easier, it’s available for use in regular matches as well as Team Deathmatch. Brutal Swarm also adds a new gadget for Attackers, the impact EMP grenade, which explodes on impact and can short-circuit electrified barriers and other Defender gadgets.

Rainbow Six Siege Screenshot

Operation Brutal Swarm also brings new gameplay updates, including tweaks to the way attachments work – suppressors no longer carry a damage penalty, for example, and attachments in general are now more widely distributed across different weapon types, creating more customization options for players.   Players can also now use the match-replay feature to report cheaters, and abusive text chat may now carry a reputation penalty. Additionally, the map-ban system has been updated, with players able to vote on five maps instead of three.

Grim is now available through the premium track on the Operation Brutal Swarm Battle Pass, while Operation Brutal Swarm’s Stadium map, impact EMP grenades, and gameplay updates are live for all Rainbow Six Siege players. If you’re ready to see for yourself how much a few swarms of clingy robot bees can change the dynamic, jump in today.

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